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Future Skills: Becky Sherrington - Health

How has your industry changed over the past 10 years due to technical and digital advancements?

20 years ago we took patients’ blood pressures using equipment which used mercury! We now provide care which utilises a wealth of digital technology to provide diagnostic tests and monitor care. For example monitoring of a condition in a patients home, can then be recorded and monitored in a clinic setting, reducing the travel and inconvenience to patients. We can also monitor patients conditions in hospital who are clinically unwell, by monitoring their condition in far greater detail without having to insert invasive lines.

What do you predict will be the main change in your industry over the next 10 years and why?

Within health we have been slow to adopt and use technology as fast as other industries, I hope that we catch up. In very near future patients records will be shared electronically and they will be owned and understood far better by patients. Previously we have relied on paper records, or electronic systems which haven’t spoken to each other so that information isn’t easily shared. Further in to the future, technology will also be utilised to deliver treatments – targeting particular cells etc. which will also be revolutionary.

What three main employability skills will be required for a successful future career in your industry?

Digital skills in nursing are going to be essential. Digital care will be a method used to monitor and deliver care as well as record care. Our patient groups will only expect digital skills to be a fundamental skills.

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