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Career Changer: Katie Hill, General Practitioner

We speak to Katie Hill, General Practitioner, to find out what made her make the move from a Speech and Language Therapist to Doctor and her top tips for achieving success.

What are the 3 main skills needed to do your job?

  • Communication: the ability to gather information from a variety of people, be it a sick patient, a stressed relative, or a worried nurse.
  • Resilience: you will have incredibly inspiring days as well as long and exhausting days - it's important to be able to recognise your achievements and equally dust yourself off after a bad day and learn from your mistakes.
  • Recognising your limits: a good doctor knows when to ask for help and isn't afraid to do so.

What motivated you to make the change?

I started off working as a Speech and Language Therapist. I enjoyed the job but I wanted to be more involved in a patient's medical care.

My previous career has definitely given me skills and confidence that have been advantageous when working on the ward as a doctor.

I believe pursuing your interests is the best thing you can do when exploring career options and being open minded that one opportunity can lead to another and then another.

Top tips for a career in this area?

It’s a tough but highly rewarding career that is a privilege to work in.

Spend time thinking exactly why you might like to become a doctor. Do some shadowing, have a chat with a number of doctors at various stages of their careers, sign up to taster days such as the Bright Med course.

Do your research. Have a look at what each university is looking for in candidates (they usually have lots of info on their websites, or email the medical school administrator).

In addition to the top A Level Grades, universities are also looking for whether you have the right personal attributes to become a doctor. For example, extracurricular activities showing leadership and team work, volunteer work showing altruism, hobbies showing self-discipline.

Thinking of changing your career direction?

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