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Career Changer: Matt Fosse, Carpenter at Fosse Construction

We speak to Matt Fosse, Carpenter at Fosse Construction, to find out what made him make the move from Chef to Carpentry and his top tips for achieving success.

What are the 3 main skills needed to do your job?

  • Visualising what is wanted by your boss, customer or client - Being able to listen and understand how customers want things to look and feel is definitely one of the top skills for me. It was a challenge when I first started, but like anything the more you do it, the easier it gets.
  • Time Management - Being able to keep on track in any business is hugely important! This is especially important in this industry, as it can cause a knock on effect for all other trades. e.g if the electricians are taking longer than expected to pull cables from one place to another, we may not be able move on to plaster boarding the ceilings. In turn this would then impact on the plasterer getting in to skim/plastering the room.
  • Attention to detail - Making sure you do everything to the best of your ability and being consistent throughout every project, taking pride in your work “if you wouldn't have it in your house, don’t put it in a customer's house”

What motivated you to make the change?

For several years I was employed as a chef working in some of the top hotels/restaurants on the island. I really enjoyed the experience, as it developed attention to detail skills and a strong work ethic. However, due to the intensity of the shifts and having worked in the industry for many years, I decided to try something new.

From an early age I had always wanted to be a carpenter, as I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Additionally I was keen to hit the ground running, so doing something I was passionate about was key. I knew I had the motivation and transferable skills required from being a chef and felt that the time was right to peruse my goal.

Top tips for a career in this area?

  • Be attentive
  • Have good humour for there’s a lot of “banta” on site
  • Stay focussed

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