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Adapting during Covid-19 - Positive Birth Jersey

Skills Jersey speak to May Bourne and Jan Auffret from Positive Birth Jersey on how their business has adapted during the challenging times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What were your initial thoughts to Covid-19 regarding your business?

As our Hypnobirthing and antenatal classes are run in a group setting, we were initially concerned that we would have to completely cancel classes until lockdown was lifted. We really didn’t want to do this, as we still wanted parents to benefit from excellent quality, fun and evidence-based antenatal education! We love teaching, and it would have been such a shame to cancel. Antenatal education is probably more important now than ever!

How did you adapt and change your business routine?

We thought carefully about how we could continue to safely offer our classes whilst adhering to Government guidance, and decided to offer our full antenatal course online with parents. The course content and information is entirely the same, and instead of offering the classes face-to-face, we have simply moved our sessions online using a video conferencing platform. It has worked so well and we have had fantastic feedback from our clients. We have also set up WhatsApp groups for parents to chat and get to know one another, so there is still a great social element to our courses!

    What positive changes do you think you will take from this experience?

    Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of support and community. The parents seem to have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know one another and are constantly chatting together online for support, friendship and guidance. Lockdown can be isolating, but I think that this experience has brought us closer together as a community. We miss teaching face-to-face, but we’re really proud and happy that we are able to deliver the same great information but just in a different format! It’s great to know that parents are still benefiting and enjoying our teaching. Covid-19 has shown that you sometimes have to be adaptable, but anything is possible with a bit of planning!

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