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Inspired is a free initiative managed by Skills Jersey that sees local people from all sectors, levels and professions pledging at least one hour a year to visit local education institutions to talk about their roles, career and the education route they took. 

Students want to hear about the job you do and the route you took to get there. Anyone can get involved from CEO’s to Apprentices, the Islands students want to hear from you.

We are happy for individuals to register as well as professional bodies and employers who would like to provide the opportunity to members and staff

How does it work?

You choose the amount of time you can pledge

You choose the age groups you want to speak to

Schools will be able to view your volunteer profile and contact Inspired to request your contact details – Your contact details are never made public or put on our website.

Schools will then contact you to arrange a time with you to speak to their students.

Why should I get involved?

Young people have never had so many options to choose from when leaving education; they also have to make key decisions whilst in education that could shape their career path. Contact with employers gives young people valuable information regarding the world of work and also raises aspiration levels at the same time.

“Young adults surveyed who recalled four or more (employment related) activities while at school were five times less likely to be NEET and earned, on average, 16% more than peers who recalled no such activities.” (Education & Employers 2012)

By taking part in Inspired you can gain and hone valuable presentation and public speaking skills. Inspired can also form a part of any corporate social responsibility plan.

How do I get involved?

You will need to fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page to register your interest. You will then receive an email from us asking for a little more information about your role and contact details. Once you have filled out these details you will be added to our database, then we will add your job profile will appear on the Jersey Skills Show - Inspired website.


Once the talk has taken place a feedback form is sent to the volunteers involved.  At the end of the day you are giving up your valuable time so we need to ensure the process is as simple, enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.

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