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Why get involved?

Find your direction; your future starts here.

The Jersey Skills Show is the ideal extension to the careers advice and information provided by local schools. We aim to enhance the opportunities for Jersey’s young people, to come along and find out more about the broad range of jobs on the island. With hands on, interactive exhibitions and sections, kids are free to roam around and head to the sectors that inspire them. The Jersey Skills Show is a place for career questions - schools have the opportunity to allow children to find out, first hand, about the jobs they may want to do - and discover the jobs they might not want to do. The Jersey Skills Show presents an exciting and interactive environment, which encourages deeper thought about which careers our young people might want to follow after leaving school; engaging with them and explaining what skills and qualifications they will need to make their work dreams come true.


Careers Guidance

The Jersey Skills Show is a unique opportunity for students to discover a range of careers available on Island. It allows students to get hands on experience as to what particular careers could involve, and most importantly speak to professionals currently employed in those industries.

Students need to make a number of key educational decisions that will influence where their career begins. The Jersey Skills Show provides an opportunity for students to find out which educational options are suitable for their career goals and the skills that they should develop. There has never been such a wide variety of opportunities for students once they leave education.

This makes researching options and careers even more important. The Jersey Skills Show aims to assist students in finding out about different careers in an interactive way. It gives them a chance to speak directly to employers find out important information that could help shape their career.

The Skills Show is free to attend, and gives attendees the opportunity to:

- Learn about a huge variety of skills and career opportunities on-Island

- Speak to employers about working within the industry

- Find out about education, training and apprenticeships

- Have a go at different skills and discover new talents

- Be inspired by the talents of those already trained within the industry

- Get independent and impartial careers advice and guidance

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