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Health and Care at the Jersey Skills Show

Are you interested in nursing, becoming a paramedic, social worker or professional in the mental health sector? Do you like the idea of working with children and shaping the minds of the next generation? Does wellbeing and health interest you? The Jersey Skills Show will provide lots of hands on experience of work in a range of careers in health and care. Working with people can be one of the most rewarding lines of work, especially in the health and care sector. Learn about accident and emergency, nursing, childcare, psychiatric work and mental health care, as well as a range of other professions in the health care sector.


Childhood studies offers a range of part-time and full-time courses to the community. We are committed to raising the qualifications and standards in the child care industry.

Community & Social Services

Includes Children’s and Adults Social Work, safeguarding, support for emotional well-being and care in inpatient and community settings, enabling people to live meaningful lives.

De Gruchy's Funeral Care

De Gruchy's Funeral Care is part of the Channel Islands Cooperative , providing a professional and caring service for our client families.

Emergency Department

Nursing in the Emergency Department is an exciting and rewarding career.

Hospital Pharmacy - Health & Social Services Department

The hospital pharmacy team includes pharmacists, technicians and assistants. The work is varied, dispensing medicines and visiting wards and patients to help manage medicines across specialist areas.

Jersey Hospice Care

Jersey Hospice Care aims to help all patients to live well.

Les Amis

“Empowering people with learning difficulties to experience positive and equal opportunities in everyday life.”

Occupational Therapy - Health & Social Services Department

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages who have physical, mental or cognitive disorders to develop, recover or maintain their independence in daily living, leisure & work skills.

Palm Springs Training Services

Palm Springs Training Services is a Jersey company specialising in providing practicable induction training for candidates wishing to embark on a career in the health care industry.

Pathology Laboratory - Health & Social Services Department

From cancer screening to diagnosing HIV, blood transfusion to food poisoning and infection control, biomedical science plays an essential part in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Physiotherapy - Health & Social Services Department

Physiotherapy has over 50 staff working in the hospital and community treating and rehabilitating patients of all ages with many different conditions and injuries.

Radiology Department - Health & Social Services Department

Radiology is at the heart of modern medicine. Radiographers use a range of different imaging techniques and equipment to produce high quality images of injury or disease.

Speech & Language Therapy - Health & Social Services Department

Speech & Language Therapists help children and adults who have difficulties with communication or with eating, drinking or swallowing. They work in community, education and hospital settings.

States of Jersey Ambulance Service

The States of Jersey Ambulance Service is committed to provide emergency and urgent medical care, as well as an efficient and flexible Patient Transport Service in Jersey.

WellBeing World

WellBeing World – Representing a wide range of career options in health and wellbeing.

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