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Armed & Uniformed Services

Armed & Uniformed Services at the Jersey Skills Show

British Army

A job with challenge & adventure you simply can't find anywhere else. Travel the world. Make lifelong friends. Develop skills for life. Do something that matters. Challenge yourself.

British Army, Jersey Field Squadron

Jersey Field Squadron is the Channel Island’s Army Reserve unit. Combat engineering is our core role but we also recruit and train, clerks, chefs, medics, HGV drivers, and plant operators.

States of Jersey Police

States of Jersey Police Officers work at the frontline of the criminal justice system, protecting life and property, preventing and detecting crime, whilst effectively engaging with our community.

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy defends the UK’s interests at home and overseas, on and beneath the sea, in the air and on land. 32,000 exceptional people, working in a unique environment, all made in the Royal Navy.

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